Shoppers Saver Foods


We Make It Simple!

A whole new way to save on groceries is here! Feed your Family for less at Shoppers Saver Foods, where we do things differently and that saves you money.

Cost is determined by the manufacture cost plus the total expense it takes to get the product from our suppliers to the shelf. We show you our cost, then we add 10% at checkout and that becomes your cost. It's simple, fair and honest and that can add up to real savings on your grocery bill. Compare our receipt with the last store you shopped and you will see the difference! 

Shoppers Saver Foods, We Make It Simple!

Save even more with our Mobile App

Did you forget your grocery list or ad circular at home? Forget to cut your grocery coupons? Don't worry: we have an app for that! Mobile App allows you to create a shopping list, check the weekly ad and redeem your saved digital coupons all from your phone. You can even access your account from your tablet or computer. Make life and grocery shopping easier by downloading the app today!

The Best Fresh!

You will find your favorite national brands and quality private brands in all our departments.Visit our meat and seafood department to find fresh cuts of beef, pork and chicken as well as a variety of items fresh from the sea. Don't pass up the savings with out mix-and-match Pick 5 Program

The produce department boasts a variety of fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables, all ride and ready-to-eat! We strive to carry local produce when in season. 

Out bakery Department offers classic American desserts along with a variety of bread's that make fresh. While our Deli Department we specialize in delivering delicious meals, sandwiches, lunch meats and cheeses. Whether its lunch, dinner or a large party, we have what you are looking for and can even help you plan fir your next big event!